How to Wash Your Hockey Jersey

Be Good To Your Jersey & Your Jersey Will Be Good To You
August 24, 2022

How to Wash Your Hockey Jersey

By SportBuff Blog Staff Writer

If you’re like most fans out there, you like to wear your jersey to any (appropriate) event that you possibly can; be it your favorite team’s game, a fantasy league draft or even simply going to a bar. You love your jersey and try your absolute best to keep it as clean as pristine as possible. However, wearing it as much as you do, it’s inevitable that it will get at the very least a little dirty.

A beer spill here, a mustard stain there and the smell of your own sweat are probably all over the jersey after a handful of times wearing it. Because licensed jerseys are not cheap, it’s very likely that you’ve been too nervous to put it through a wash and are just dealing with the stains and stench. I mean, why risk ruining a perfectly good jerseys simply because of a couple of minor stains and a little stink? While there’s nothing really wrong with that, I’m sure your friends, family and/or significant other think otherwise.

Well, those around you are now in luck. They will no longer have to deal with the smell that comes with your jersey, because I am about to give you the best tips for washing your jersey! If you follow my tips closely, you’ll be able to wash your jersey with ease and keep it looking new!

Be mindful of what you wash your jersey with.

You’ll want to be sure that you wash your jersey either alone or with other jerseys/clothes that are the same color. Doing so will avoid any possible discolouration. This is especially true for light colored jerseys (white, yellow, etc). The last thing you want to do is have your jersey go in as a beautiful white road jersey and come out of the wash in pink!

Before putting the jersey in the washing machine, turn it inside out.

This amazing tip can also be used for almost any article of clothing with graphics on it that you want to keep from deteriorating. By turning your jersey inside out, this avoids direct contact with laundry detergent to the logo (and name/numbers if you had your jersey customized). Further, it reduces the likelihood of your jersey rubbing against the washing machine and/or the other articles in the load that could cause damage to the material. All in all, turning your jersey inside out is a no-lose option!

Be cautious about which products you use to wash your load.

It goes without saying that you want to avoid bleach at all costs. Even white jerseys aren’t 100% white, so using bleach on them will cause discolouration. You want to be sure to use colour-safe detergent (Woolite is a solid choice), as they contain little to no bleach which will help ensure that the colors of your jersey remain the same. Further, never use fabric softener. The chemicals that are in fabric softener can potentially alter the texture of the materials on the jersey and will change the overall look of the jersey.

Watch the settings.

You want to be sure that you set your washer to the correct settings. To keep your jersey looking as new as possible, you’d want to wash it using a gentle cycle with cold water.

Do not put your jersey in a dryer.

Doing so could be very harmful to your jersey. The heat of the dryer could potentially cause damage to the logos on the front and/or shoulders as well as to any customization that may have been done on the jersey. While throwing it in the dryer may be the quickest option to dry it, at times, patience is a virtue. This is one of those times. Save yourself the shock of pulling our jersey out of the dryer only to see that it’s been ruined and hang it up somewhere to air dry. While this may take a lot longer, the end result will be that your jersey will look the same as when you purchased it. Trust me on this one, it’s worth the wait.

You can now wash that old dirty, smelly jersey with full confidence that it will look as though it has never been worn! Just be sure to carefully follow each and every tip that is mentioned above. To your friends, family and anyone that may be around you while you wear your jersey; you’re welcome!

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